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The Women’s cell at PRDS College was started with the aim of empowering and orienting women to recognize their true potential and to help them attain their own stand in a competing world. Its goal is the overall development of women members of the college in all spheres of their life. It also helps in creating awareness about important issues related to women and provides a forum for discussion and deliberation on a range of issues from empowerment to environment. Women's Cell seeks to mold the young women's force on the campus to achieve thriving milestones of success in their life. It also seeks to empower young women to attain emotional, physical, and mental freedom to withstand the changing phases throughout their life. Women's Cell functions with the added aim to enhance the self-esteem of young women and empower them in making pertinent decisions.


  • (1) The Cell deals with individual complaints and takes suitable action thereon according to subsisting legal guidelines/college norms.

  • (2) The cell equips female students, faculty, and staff members with knowledge of their legal rights.

  • (3) The cell safeguards the rights of female students, faculty, and staff members.

  • (4) The cell resolves issues pertaining to girls/women’s sexual harassment in all forms (physical contact, advances, demand for sexual favors, sexually colored remarks) any other unwelcome physical, verbal or non-verbal conduct of a sexual nature).

Members of the Women Cell

1. Ms. Priyanka Nair N. A - Convenor

2. Dr. Jayanthi L S - Joint Convenor

3. Ms. Shajeela Rani A - Member

4. Ms. Vandana S - Member

5. Ms. Sruthi V R - Member

6. Ms. Bindu P - Member

7. Ms. Aparna Raghunath - Member