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Scholar Support Programme



1. The candidates selected under the Programme must be from the first semester of the Under Graduate Programme.

2. A college should select a maximum of 6 subjects and a maximum of 50 students under the Programme. The selection of the subjects should be done at the college level. One of the subjects to be identified must be English (Part I) for which 10 students may be selected. The other subjects may be identified as per the needs of the college and students and based on ‘Results Analysis work for the Scholar Support Programme- Programme wise weighted scores’, published at www.collegiateedu.kerala.gov.in. Eight students may be identified for each of these 5 subjects.

3. If it is not possible to identify the subjects from those provided in the study report, related subjects of Core/Complementary/Language courses may identified by the college council. All efforts should be made to identify 6 subjects even if there is only limited number of courses in the college.

4. A student should be included only for one subject other than English

5. The marks in the qualifying examination should be the criterion for selection of students.

6. Although it has been specified that those with marks below 60% only in the qualifying examination is to be included under the Programme, it may not be always possible to get students satisfying this criterion. In such cases, students may be selected from among those having the lowest percentage of marks in the qualifying examination.

7. The subjects selected, the students identified and the list of Faculty members engaging the classes should be intimated to the Directorate of Collegiate Education at the earliest. The time schedule for the conduct of classes under the Programme should also be intimated. Proforma for the same is provided (Proforma I to IV).

8. There should be 20 sessions, each of one hour duration for each subject identified. Of this 10 may be in the first semester and 10, in the second semester.

9. Question bank for the various subjects under the Programme as per the University pattern will be provided to the colleges in due course. They will also be made available at www.collegiateedu.kerala.gov.in under the link ‘New Initiatives’.

10.Printed materials (notes) are to be given to students of BPL families included in the programme. The cost for preparing the materials can be met from the funds earmarked for providing printed materials. If sufficient students of BPL families cannot be identified, the materials may be given to students from economically weak families based on the annual income.

11. Details regarding the Honorarium for the Co-ordinator, allotments for stationery and miscellaneous expenses will be intimated to the colleges.

Composition of Committee

1. Mrs. Priyanka Nair N.A. (Coordinator)

2. Mr. Sujith Sundaran (Member)

3. Ms. SruthI V.R ( Member)

4. Ms. Bindu P ( Member)

5. Mr. Akash K.S ( Member)