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The Parent-Teacher Association of the PRDS College is a Statutory Body empowered to work for the general welfare of the college. All parents and teachers of the college are members of the PTA.
The PTA has an executive of nine members of whom eight are selected by the General Body of the organisation. The college Principal is the President of the PTA and the Secretary is elected from among the teacher members and the Vice-President from among the parent members. The General Body of the PTA meets annually and the Executive Committee members meet periodically to transact business. The PTA fund is utilised for student welfare and for the development of the departments.

The first PTA executive committee of PRDS College was formed under the presidentship of the Principal Dr. Viswanathan Nair.

The present committee body is as follows


1. Dr. Simi S Kurup ( President)

2. Ms. Santhi Krishna ( Secretary)

3. Ms. Bindhu P ( Faculty Member)

4. Ms. Rejitha V (Faculty Member)

5. Dr. Dhanesh (Faculty Member)

6. Mr. Jayachandran ( Parent Member)

7. Mr.Anil Kodithottam    ( Parent Member)

8.Mr. Rajendran Ramakrishnan ( Parent Member)

9.Mr. Unnikrishnan ( Parent Member)