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Dr. Jayanthi L S ( Asst Professor & HOD)


Mr. Somu Thankappan ( Asst Professor)

Faculty of Statistics

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Ms. Vani Sreekumar ( Asst Professor)

Departmental mission :


  • Impart Mathematical & Statistical knowledge and create Mathematical consciousness by instilling awareness through learning and practice, thereby building a basic Mathematical & Statistical aware and socially responsible society.

  • To develop the thinking and values of the students towards the society and to promote the sound basis of Maths/Statistics Education.

  • To support the teaching and public service mission of the College.


Value Statements: We are committed to the success of our students as they are our most valuable resource.

Departmental Objectives :


  • To create environments of learning for students to fully realize their potential and encourage innovative thinking.

  • To impart emphasis on learning by doing method through the seminar, discussion, etc.

  • To help the academically / mathematically disadvantaged students through the conduct of remedial classes on a regular basis.

  • To upgrade the departmental references.