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This Committee has been constituted to extend help to the differently-abled students studying in our college. The Cell explores various possibilities to take care of the urgencies and needs of the differently-abled students of the College. This College endeavors to help the differently-abled students develop their personality to the full and be a part of the mainstream.

The Committee comprises:


1. Dr. Simi S Kurp (Convenor) - 8589874888

2. Dr. Jayanthi L.S (Member)

3. Ms. Bindu P (Member) 

4. Ms. Sruthi V.R (Member) 

The Committee has constituted a special cell in the name of ‘VELICHAM’, which shall act as a mediator between the pool of volunteer students to help the differently-abled in their college as well as University activities.

1.  Ms. Sithara ( II DC)

2. Mr. Sarang (II DC)

3. Ms. Alphina (II DC)

4. Ms. Athira (II DC)

5. Mr. Arunghosh (II DC)