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Dr. P R Suresh ( Asst Professor & HOD)

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Dr. Dhanesh Shekhar ( Asst Professor)

Economics, as a subject plays an essential role in the general education required of all undergraduates, extending well beyond our undergraduate essential course to other disciplines as a part of interdisciplinary courses. The Department of Economics is committed to providing a better understanding of the core issues as well as of the global, national and local economic issues that will confront our society now and in the future. The members of the department aim to foster academic excellence, and as a team firmly believe that academic excellence is created by harnessing the potential of both the faculty members and the students together.
It is our constant endeavor to equip the students with the necessary quantitative and analytical skills which help them find success in their respective careers, such as data analytics, quantitative research, financial management, business journalism, academics, and so on.
All the students seeking admission are expected to have a clear understanding of high school mathematics, with clarity of algebra and calculus concepts. We provide remedial classes for students who are new to mathematical concepts, especially to students from humanities backgrounds. Such students are given extra hours every week to discuss Mathematical Economics and Econometrics.

Departmental mission :

The department’s mission is to impart higher education in the field of Economics. The department also strives for personality development and academic fitness of the students and equip them with the necessary knowledge and skills to face the challenges of the future.

Departmental Objectives :


    1. To make the students aware of the present global economic trends.

    2. To acquaint them with various economic theories propounded by various economists.

    3. To acquaint them with the different schools of economic thought.

    4. To give them a thorough knowledge of the present Indian economic problems.

    5. To help them to identify the problems and prospects facing the Kerala economy through spot visits, project works and social services.