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MAIN COURSE: B.Com ( Co-operation)



Ms. Rejitha V K ( Asst Professor & HOD)

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Ms. Jesna Basheer ( Asst Professor)

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Ms. Sruthi V R ( Asst Professor)

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Ms. Shejeela Rani. A ( Asst Professor)

Departmental MISSION:

  • The Department mission is to emerge as a Global Conglomerate of premier Academic institution for B.Com Co-operation, each taking pride in having nurtured knowledge that will lead to fulfil the aspirations of Trade, Industry, Commerce and the Individual. Commit our-self to a mission to excel in Research and to create an atmosphere of effective learning in Co-operation , generate a spirit of questioning, enquiry, induce healthy challenges and competitiveness, feel of complete accomplishment and instill self-confidence.

Departmental Objectives :

  1.  To provide high quality cooperation education and equipping students for higher education.

  2.  To enhance the professional competencies of the students.

  3.  To develop among students, sensitivity to contribute to the betterment of society through knowledge in Cooperation.

  4.  To prepare and train students in a manner which converts them into a work-ready force.