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Ms. Vandana S ( Asst Professor)


Ms. Aneeshya Rajan ( Asst Professor)

The Department of English maintains a healthy balance between the academic curriculum and an array of activities. The Department offers core courses of Indian and European classical literature, women’s writing to Indian, British, European, and postcolonial literature. Discipline centric elective course offers the Indian diaspora, literature and cinema, and British literature: post World War II and world literature. Generic elective, skill-based ability enhancement elective, and compulsory English papers are taught to students of English discipline, program course, and honors course of other disciplines.


Departmental mission :

To impart proficiency in the English language by helping to develop in the students, through learning and practice, interest in literature as well as acquiring requisite skills in the language.

Departmental Objectives :

The Objectives of the Department are as follows :

  • To develop the creativity of each and every student.

  • To increase student-teacher interaction both within and outside the class in order to provide guidance and counseling.

  • To hold seminars/webinars, give assignments and project works at regular intervals and thereby help to generate both interest and skills in the subject.

  • To conduct remedial classes for the academically disadvantaged students.