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The college council of PRDS College is formed as per M G University and UGC guidelines. The council is the advisory body to direct or advise principal in the internal affairs of the college. 


To provide college-wide input on shared governance issues through review and discussion and to forward recommendations to the College Principal and Management on matters that involve and affect the college as a whole. 


This includes:

  • Recommendations from all college committees;

  • Recommendations from other college groups or councils formed to study specific topics or issues affecting the college at large.

As the primary governing body on college, the College Council serves as the umbrella group for the various participatory governance committees on college and brings forward to the College Principal its recommendations, as appropriate, for consideration and implementation. The College Council ensures that all aspects of the college Mission Statement are being fulfilled.


  • Review and make recommendations regarding the adoption, alignment, and achievement of the college’s guiding planning documents including, but not limited to:

    • Accreditation, Self-Evaluation Reports & Planning Agendas

    • Educational Master Plan

    • Facilities Master Plan

    • Guided Pathways

    • Integrated Plan (Basic Skills, Student Equity)

    • Strategic Plan

  • Provide counsel in matters as requested by the Principal and Management.

  • Facilitate communication and appropriate involvement of all members of the college community.

  • Assist in disseminating and interpreting policies and procedures to the appropriate constituent groups.

  • Organize and track the flow of information between and among college decision-making groups.

  • Establish rules of order and other processes to be used by the College Council and various participatory governance committees in the deliberation on college issues related to shared governance.

Operating Procedures

  • The College Principal shall chair the College Council.

  • Council recommendations will be forwarded to the Principal and will be the primary source of college-wide opinion in the decision-making process.

  • Issues brought to the Council may originate with any individual or standing committee. Any such issue shall be placed on the agenda.

  • If not agendized, any Council member may bring an item as “Other.”

  • If an agenda item is refused, the person may bring the item to the Council and request that it be placed on a subsequent agenda.

  • Agenda priorities shall be determined by the College Principal (Chair).

  • Recommendations will be reached by consensus. If consensus cannot be reached, the item will be deferred to the next meeting, unless time-sensitive. If time-sensitive, a compromise committee will be established to deliberate the issue, and/or meet with the Principal, and bring back a resolution of the issue to the entire Council for a decision

  • A quorum is needed in order to take any official action.

    • Consensus = 75% of simple majority

    • Quorum = simple majority (51%) of the full College Council membership

  • Agendas will be distributed by email and/or posted at least three (3) days before each meeting.

  • Any item must be accompanied by appropriate background information and should be received by Council members at least 3 working days before the meeting.


1. Principal-in-Charge ( Chairperson)

2. All  HOD's 

3. Senior Administrative Staff

4. Library-in-Charge