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"No, not a single alphabet is seen on my race, so many histories are seen on so many races,

scrutinize each one of them, the whole histories of the world, not a single letter is seen on my race."

"Hear 'O' hear my dear brethren, the calamities our forefathers forbore, suffered under slavery, bore beatings without brake, toiled in misery,

father sold to one place, mother to another, children were orphaned"

"Chained and locked, they were always captive, thorny whips lashed them down, yoked along with bulls and buffalos, paired with beasts, used to plough the ground"


During the second decade of the Twentieth Century, Sree Kumaragurudevan encouraged his fellows and followers to contribute the surplus money of their hard-earned savings for setting up a center for his people. Gurudeva bought 7.5 acres of land from the then landlords in Eraviperoor and allowed his people to construct houses around the headquarters. Gurudeva also bought fifty-five acres of land in Amara, a small village in the Changanacherry Taluk of Kottayam District. Gurudeva started a school for his community in Amara in 1912 and consistently spoke about the importance of education for social upliftment. For Gurudevan, education was an important factor for the development of a society. He is often quoted to have said that, he wanted his people to learn at least five languages so that they can communicate with larger linguistic communities in the world. As early as the time of starting the school, Sree Kumaragurudevan said about the establishment of a Higher studies Institution in the landscape he stood. Today, the prestigious PRDS College of Arts and Science is situated at the same location from where Gurudevan has predicted its emergence.

In 2014, The Government of Kerala has accorded sanction for an aided Arts and Science College at Amarapuram vide Government Order GO(MS)160/14/HR.Edn.Dept dated 11.04.2014. PRDS Arts & Science College Amara has started its first academic batch in the year 2016. The college is situated at Amara, Thrikkodithanam, Kerala 686105. PRDS Arts & Science College is affiliated to Mahatma Gandhi University Approved by University Grants Commission (UGC). The college is managed by ‘Sreekumara Gurudeva Educational & Charitable Trust’ (SECT) for and on behalf of the Sabha.

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